Visits (Inc. Equizone) 

Area’s Covered

Our team of experienced equine vets perform visits throughout Lincolnshire daily. The practice has had regular clients for several years, as far apart as Mablethorpe and Worksop, Goxhill and Newark, and Crowle and Boston. The more clients seen in a particular area the same day, the cheaper visit charges can become as they can be shared between clients. If clients get together and are able to synchronise visits, then it will help to keep the travelling costs down. Now such costs have increased, anything clients can do to keep costs down is welcomed.

For routine treatments such as vaccinations, microchipping, health-checks, lameness examinations, castrations, passports and pre-purchase examinations, whenever possible our vets will endeavour to examine and treat your horse at home. However for more complicated cases we may suggest that you bring your horse to the surgery.

We appreciate that clients like to speak to someone familiar throughout the veterinary process. We always do our utmost to ensure that you deal with the same vet; however sometimes due to emergencies this may not always be possible.

Out of Hours

We operate a 24-hour emergency service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (for all species). The practice always has two of its own veterinary surgeons on call. They can be contacted via the usual practice telephone number, which will be answered by either a veterinary surgeon or by the outside answering service. The obvious emergencies, such as significant haemorrhage or severe colic are given priority.
All the veterinarians have access to mobile phones and/or bleepers and can usually be contacted quickly. They respond as soon as they can; which means as soon as the case in hand is ‘fixed’.

Visit Fees

Visit fees depend upon distance travelled. Where possible we try to arrange your visit when we are already close by keeping your charge to a minimum, therefore your fees may vary from time to time. Visit fees can be reduced shared.
Emergency visits where we have to travel to see your horse as quickly as possible will incur a greater visit fee, in addition out of hours calls (weekends and 5pm – 8.30 am mon-fri) will attract a surcharge.

Equizone Scheme

In order to try and keep costs down for our clients we have introduced the Free “Equizone” visit scheme. The scheme is intended to make significantly cheaper the performance of the routine work necessary to keep your horses safe, sound, fit, well, legal and generally healthy. On a designated day once a week we visit areas of Lincolnshire to carry out routine work without a visit charge. For further information on the scheme and to see which zone you are in, please Click here.

We make routine visits everyday across Lincolnshire. These cover most issues and include vaccinations, routine examinations, wound management, Laminitis, minor lameness and general animal health issues. We do of course make a charge for the work performed at Equizone visits, but offer our EquiZone equine service to our regular clients who wish to reduce the cost of visit fees.

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