Video Gastorscopy & Endoscopy 

Rase Vets Equine - gastroscopyWe have the equipment to perform video gastroscopic examinations.

This enables us to diagnose and, if necessary, grade ulcers in horses. The process is quick and takes about 20 minutes to complete and the horse stands within purpose built stocks. Once a diagnosis is made, treatment will begin to stablise the stomach environment encouraging ulcers to heal.

Endoscopy allows us to view inaccessible areas of the body. The endoscope permits evaluation of the upper respiratory tract the urethra and bladder of both males and females, and the cervix and uterus of mares.

We are also able to examine the oesophagus, stomach, upper duodenum, and the bronchi. Endoscopy can be used in the evaluation of horses with poor performance, upper airway obstructions and abnormal respiratory noises as well as lung diseases and urinary tract issue.

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