Pre-Purchase Examinations 

As a practice we have a particular interest in pre-purchase examinations of horses. This covers a broad spectrum from bloodstock and competition horses to leisure ponies and happy hackers. 

There are two types of vettings available to prospective purchasers. 

2 stage vetting
This is a limited vetting and will only cover the basics. We will take a look at the horse’s general health and condition, eyes, heart, lungs and limbs. We will also take a look at the horse trotted up and perform a flexion test in an attempt to identify any subtle lameness. This type of vetting is generally done to assist in insuring the horse.

In order to proceed with a 2 stage vetting, we require the purchaser to fill in the form attached HERE before the vetting can commence,

5 stage vetting
The five stage vetting is a far more thorough procedure and has the aim of providing you with a professional evaluation and assessment of a particular horse's ability to be used for a certain task. The vetting can not however be thought of as a guarantee of future health but we are able to advise how the horse is physically at that point in time.

We perform both two and five stages vettings, usually at the sellers’ premises however they can be performed at our specialist equine unit if necessary. We do not need the purchaser being present at the time of the vetting.

You can find out more about the vetting process and what to expect by reading the BEVA/RCVS Guidance Notes on the subject HERE.

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