Rase Equine Worm Egg Club


For only £40 per horse per year we will provide support with your worming regime by performing up to 3 worm egg counts per year and provide a winter wormer for tapeworm.

All you need to do is fill in the form below, drop in a sample at your local branch with the payment of £40. We will forward any egg count results to the email address provided. As always, there are a few T&Cs.

* It is imperative that we have the correct email address for you to deliver your results. Should your horse have an egg count that requires attention, it will be advised in the email and a call to our veterinary team to advise your wormer.
* We strongly suggest that you join the Rase Equine Worm Club Facebook Page, where we can be contacted and provide you with reminders and relevant information. It can be found by simply entering the name in to the Facebook search facility.
*Ensuring that your horse is wormed or that you have received your free worm egg counts remains with you, the owner. *Annul subscriptions run from the 1st February to 1st February, there will be no discounts for joining at other times of the year.
*You are not automatically re-subscribed to the scheme, so please contact us in February to renew your subscription.

Join the Rase Equine Worm Club