In order to ensure the efficient pumping of blood around the vital organs of the horse it needs a cardiovascular function with much greater capacity compared to most other smaller mammals.
On occasions you may not even notice that your horse is suffering from an arrhythmia and may only be detected at the time of yearly checkups or during a vetting.
On other occasions you may notice poor performance, intolerance of exercise, distended veins, poor growth or weakness.

Often heart issues in horses are due to an irregular heart rhythm (arrhythmia) or heart murmurs (often due to “leaky” heart valves).

In essence, electrocardiography is a method by which we can study the action of the heart muscle often once the irregularity has first been detected with a stethoscope.

Once the arrhythmia has been diagnosed and graded we can decide on a course of action. Many types of arrhythmia are benign and cause very little trouble to horse or rider but on occasions where this is not the case we can suggest further tests or where appropriate specialist referral.

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