Equine Dental Care 

Several members of the practice have attended advanced equine dentistry courses and worked with equine dental specialists from both France and the USA.

We also have an onsite BAEDT/BEVA qualified equine dental technician who is always interested in seeing horses which in the past have been difficult to examine and treat, or are known to require sedatives or extensive work.

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We have a full time onsite BAEDT/BEVA qualified equine dental technician (one of ony two BAEDT/BEVA qualified working regularly in Lincolnshire) performing routine dental treatments daily. Whether at your own premises or at the practice we are fully equipped with the most modern equipment and sedatives for the more nervous patients. Group dentistry bookings can also be made where we can offer discounts on 6 or more horses and waive the visit fee.

At the surgery, we have a selection of both manual dental instruments for removing teeth, and electrical rotary rasps and grinding tools. These specialised tools, along with the selection of mouth openers (gags), and the use of sedation, enable us to reach the parts which most equine dental technicians cannot reach. We have all the equipment necessary for treating surgical dental problems such as the extraction of diseased cheek teeth, damaged or infected teeth, wolf tooth extraction or to reduce very significant overgrowth, which can occur. Where possible, we aim to extract teeth via the mouth in the standing sedated horse using specially designed extraction equipment and modern sedative.

Much of the routine work is carried out on our client’s premises, but increasingly we are treating more patients at the practice. This is usually for more advanced cases where we find it is often easier and safer to use the stocks at the surgery. We welcome clients bringing their horses to the surgery for routine work, and to make best use of our facilities.

To download our factsheet on Equine Dentistry please click here.

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