Frozen & Chilled Artificial Insemination 

Rase Vets Equine - Artificial InseminationFor mare owners, artificial insemination can offer many advantages over traditional covering. Not only does it open up a whole new world of genetic possibilities which would not have been available to them without the considerable stress of travel to other countries, it also reduces the risk or injury to the mare during covering, is easier if the mare has a foal at foot and the possibility of catching any diseases sometimes found on even the cleanest of stud yards. Artificial Insemination (AI) can be carried out using chilled or frozen semen. However both types will have been tested and analysed at the time of collection.

We are fully equipped at the surgery to provide AI of chilled or frozen semen with experienced staff, stocks, full laboratory facilities, and liquid nitrogen storage.

AI using chilled semen can be carried out at home or at the surgery. Ideally chilled semen should be first inseminated within the first 24 hours of collection, and not more than 72 hours after collection, to ensure the highest possibility of conception. This being the case we advise clients to keep a good contact with the stud in order to ensure they receive the freshest possible sample. From our point of view we will need to regularly examine the mare once in season to best judge ovulation.

In comparison to chilled semen, frozen semen does not need as much logistical input as the frozen semen can be selected from the stallion ordered and stored in advance. However, unlike chilled AI we suggest the mare be at the practice where we can safely store the semen at its optimum temperature. We also advise our clients to research their stallion when choosing the frozen route. Although the semen is of perfect quality when thawed, freezing can have an effect on the viability of the semen, so demonstrable fertility with frozen semen should be considered.

Pregnancy Scanning
In the case of AI we will carry out pregnancy scanning as a matter of routine. However for other cases, we can carry out pregnancy scanning at your own premises or at the surgery or any of the local studs we attend.

Fertility Issues
If you have a mare who is failing to conceive, or an older mare we are happy to take horses for investigation and treatment where we can offer advise on how to proceed.

If you have any questions with regards to breeding we are more than happy to help.

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